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Dean is an accomplished and unique artist with many years’ experience of performing at sea.  His music reflects the journey of his career so far with fantastic musical arrangements.   The show includes him performing live at the piano and varies according to the audience and general age range of the ship.  Dean is a young, original and inspirational talent that will captivate any audience!


His show ‘The Piano Man’ celebrates some of the great piano legends of our time!  Billy Joel, Neil Sedaka, Elton John and Stevie Wonder.  Not only does Dean display his incredible vocal range but his talent as a natural musician.

Dean thoroughly enjoys performing at sea where he performs alongside an extremely talented 8-piece orchestra in beautiful theatres to large appreciative audiences.


Dean will be performing this year and next as a headline act on board many P&O & Viking Ocean Cruises


While performing on luxury Cruise Liners all over the world in some of the most prestigious theatres at sea, Dean has had the chance to meet and perform infront of some of the worlds biggest names.

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